Mac OS X must-have applications, part II

This time I’d like to present TimeLog, a time-tracking application for Mac OS X. Looking for a good time logging tool, I’ve found this one having the exact set of features I need:

  • it integrates with iCal, so exact time interval spent on particular task is added to the calendar, not only the total time spent (which is what a few competitive applications do). It actually works both ways – if I add an event to the calendar, it is included in all the time reports.
  • it integrates with Growl, reminding me whenever I forget to select the task I’m working on (remind interval is configurable). Very useful, given how scatterbrained I get occasionally ;).
  • it creates nice reports with per-task grouping.

Try it yourself, there is an evaluation version limited to 50 entries.

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Mac OS X must-have applications, part I

Is there a set of applications that you install right after the operating system? Applications, that you feel are absolutely needed for your daily tasks? Here are a few of my favorites:

  • JollysFastVNC – absolutely outstanding VNC client for Mac OS X. As the name implies, it is fast. And its SmartZoom feature is way cool, when you have to work remotely on a desktop screen which is much bigger than your Mac’s (I usually use VNC to connect from my MacBook to a desktop PC running Linux).
  • Thunderbird – built-in Mail application doesn’t work too well with my multiple IMAP accounts, full of nested folders. For the moment Thunderbird is my choice then, even though it’s far from perfect.
  • iChm – for the moment my favorite .chm file reader. Not much to say about it, it just does its tasks well. Export to PDF file is a nice feature (however, I can’t see it possible to select a range of pages).
  • Adium – well known and appreciated ¬†instant messaging application for Mac, nothing more to say.
  • Cyberduck – my favorite SFTP client. It can also do regular FTP and WebDAV, yet I don’t use those protocols too often. It supports Bonjour, as well as Growl.
  • MacVim – Mac OS port of my favourite editor.
  • MacPorts – speaking of ports, this is a must-have for anyone doing serious work on the console. I usually install a2ps, wget, ghostscript, and a few other utilities.

More to come…

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